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Published: Fri 10th March 2023

We've been travelling on and off in motorhomes for over 10 years. We often talked about doing a longer trip, or even possibly changing our lives completely and living full time in a motorhome.


3 Years ago we were on a scuba diving holiday in Menorca and we found out one of the instructors actually lived full-time in her converted 7.5 tonne lorry! This got us seriously thinking. Could we do that, could we build our own and live in it.

For the next few months we talked about building our own as we were inspired by hers, or should we just buy a bigger motorhome and travel in that instead.

Neither of us remember exactly when we decided to build our own, but Chris remembers being in favour of doing a self-build in a large vehicle.

Cat remembers finally making the decision in a cafe in a garden centre.... read the full story here: Why we decided to downsize our London home to live in a Lorry

We began looking in 2017 after the summer, and in November we had ourselves a loan to pay off and we were the proud owners of a 2012 DAF LF45 which would, over the next 2 years be transformed into Florry

This is a blog about our life and travels in Florry The Lorry our self-built motor home.

Chris & Cat



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